Las Vegas Water Damage Equipment – Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras are used to locate moisture hidden from the naked eye within an environment.  Commercial-grade thermal cameras are widely used equipments in water damage and repair businesses.  Their primary application is in determining hidden sources of content inside the wall.  Wall is a place where moisture cannot be located with bare eyes and is susceptible to long-lasting problems that could spread throughout the house.

In our line of job that requires repairing water damaged homes in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada region, we extensively use this device to assess any water damage to the property.  And we are partial to the Flir Thermal Camera for this end due to its outstanding performance in locating hidden moisture sources.

In one situation we had a customer with a leaking roof in Las Vegas, and he was unsure if the water had trickled down into the walls.  Although the walls were dry to the touch, we were worried that there was water inside the walls.  We used our thermal camera to verify that there was water inside the walls.


Flir Thermal Cameras, used in our Las Vegas water damage repair business, ease the task of identifying the origin and location of harm inside a house.  Those harms could be the results of –

  •         Insufficient, missing and damaged insulation;
  •         Devastating water damages;
  •         Moisture build-up inside the walls; and
  •         Envelope air leaks.

Commercial-grade Flir Thermal Cameras are capable to instantly assess in case there is a difference in temperature in a targeted location.  This reading helps distinguish dry locations from the wet ones and take swift decision for taking necessary measures that would shield the house from further damages.  This model is a highly preferred by building experts for thermal imaging for its high efficiency and ability for instant display of results.

About the Product

Thermal Cameras from Flir are available in a varied range of models.  All of them offer several benefits to its clients, namely –

  • Automatic Image Calibration
  • Storage capacity for image and data
  • Color Image Display for Moisture Alert
  • Easy communication through WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Minimum Response time required
  • Durable and rechargeable battery – both in use and stand-by
  • Certified  by Drop-test
  • Approved by various organizations

These features along with other have made Flir Thermal Cameras a popular brand in our line of business.

Usage Story

A severe water leakage case inside a residential house in the Henderson region had us rush to the place in a short notice.  The leakage was caused by a pipe burst and did a major damage to the floors and walls.  Our primary recovery assignment was to do up the damaged areas which we did in a short time.  The next and final task was to look for hidden moisture inside the walls.  A quick scan through our Flir Thermal Camera had us find the intrusion of moisture in a large part of the walls.  We quickly arranged the drying out of moisture from the identified areas inside the walls.

A thing that was invisible to the naked eyes images was caught through thermal images and saved the house from bigger troubles in future.  Thanks to the Flir thermal camera that helped us take care of the situation and make the house entirely secure.

Las Vegas is an area that sees frequent water leakage needing us to deal with the situation.  With the effective and powerful Flir thermal cameras, our work have become a lot easier.



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