Does Your Home Need a Mold Cleanup?

Mold loves to grow in places that are hidden to the naked eye.  Typically, it thrives in between walls and baseboards making it impossible to spot.  However, if you look closely enough, there are some signs that can tell you if your home is in need of a Las Vegas mold cleanup.

A client’s experience with mold

Water Restoration Services once worked with a client whose Las Vegas residence was severely contaminated by mold.  The client had previously contacted another restoration company but their crew removed their drying equipment without properly addressing the mold problem.

When the IRS crew arrived, the home looked completely normal.  There were no obvious signs of mold anywhere which is probably why the previous company decided to pack up their things.  However, when the crew used their state-of-the-art equipment to check moisture levels, they found out that there were still elevated levels of moisture around the home.

They also performed a physical inspection of the client’s home and they noticed that some baseboards were affected by water damage.  Edges were cracked and the surface had watermarks.  When damaged baseboards were taken out, a significant amount of mold growth was found.  Apparently, it has been growing in between the baseboards for quite a while.

If your baseboards or dry walls at home show signs of water damage, your next move should be to call a professional.  There may be mold growing in between and if you attempt to remove the growth on your own, you might risk contaminating other areas of your home.  Remember, scraping mold is not enough.  You need the right equipment to get the job done.

Other signs to look out for

Your health can also signal that your home is infested with mold.  If you experience coughing, irritate eyes, nasal congestion, rashes and wheezing despite the absence of known allergens, then you may want to have your home checked for mold growth.  You can be suffering an allergic reaction to it.

Take action immediately

When you have a cracked toilet, broken water heater, faulty sink or other possible causes of water damage in your home, don’t wait another day to have it fixed.  Remember, when your home is soaked in water, moisture is everywhere and where there is moisture, there is also mold.  So to keep both your home and family safe from mold, be wary of its signs and take action as quickly as possible.

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