When Water Damages Affects Your Las Vegas Home

How safe is your home from water damage? Take a closer look by inspecting your fixtures such as sinks and toilets. Are they working properly? Are they leaking? If you see cracks and evidence of damage, you should have them repaired immediately. Don’t delay repair for another day as water damage doesn’t take a rest. Little by little, it will ravage your home just like it did to one of Water Damage Las Vegas’ clients who called up the company for a water removal in Las Vegas.

What a leaking sink can do

You may think that we’re over reacting. After all, a leaking sink seems completely harmless. What can a few drops of water do to your home anyway? Well, that’s a good question. A few drops can be nonthreatening but how sure are you that your faulty fixture is only leaking that much? If you have a wall-hung sink, its supply line may already be spewing huge volumes of water and because its supply line is located within the walls, it can be difficult for you to find out.

An IRS client’s terrible experience

IRS’ client didn’t have a wall-hung sink. Instead, the client had a countertop sink in the bathroom. Because its supply line is concealed inside the counter, the client never noticed that the fixture was already leaking. Luckily, the client’s bathroom was tiled so it didn’t suffer much damage. However, the water managed to find its way into the living room by seeping through the dry wall and beneath the flooring.

The water damage restoration company had to perform a demolition to take out all the wet materials. A portion of the wooden flooring in the living room was removed and so were some parts of the dry wall. Luckily, the team didn’t find any signs of mold growth. Had the client called the company a week later, then Water Damage Las Vegas would have to do a mold cleanup.

What sets IRS apart

There are plenty of other companies that offer the same services as Water Damage Las Vegas but not a lot of them can do the job effectively. IRS guarantees its clients a satisfactory job with the use of top notch equipment and a highly skilled team. Before declaring a home as dry and mold-free, they make sure to double check the entire area with a thermal camera. This gadget will tell the team if there is still moisture trapped in hidden areas. So when water damage affects your Las Vegas home, let Water Damage LAs Vegas do the job!


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