Common Questions about Solar Panel Installations in Las Vegas

Are you planning to switch to solar energy?  If you are, congratulations!  You have made a great decision which will save you thousands of dollars and at the same time, help secure a cleaner future for the younger generations.  We understand that you have plenty of questions about your Las Vegas solar panel installation and we are more than willing to answer them for you.  So here are some common questions that people have about solar power and corresponding answers from experts.

Do I Need to Worry About Batteries?

Before you invest in a battery, determine whether you are going exclusively solar or not.  If you plan to stay connected to grid power at night time, then there is no need for you to worry about batteries.  However, if you plan to power your home or building with solar energy alone, then your best move is to consult your installer about which type of battery will work best for you.  Take note, a battery with a larger capacity doesn’t exactly mean that you’re making the right choice.  Choose a battery with a capacity that fits your energy demands.

How Much Energy Do I Need?

To determine how much energy you need, tally how many people are using electricity in your home or building.  Also put into consideration how often they use energy.  Another important factor that affects your energy demand are the appliances and lighting you have in your home.  This is why if you want to cut your energy demand, pick appliances with energy-saving features and replace incandescent bulbs with LED.

Can My Solar Panels Face Other Directions Aside from South?

Solar panels should ideally be facing south but actually, any direction will work.  Panels can be positioned facing west, east or north and still perform satisfactorily.

Will I Pay More Property Tax after the Installation?

Worry not!  A solar panel installation shouldn’t have any effect on your property tax because they are exempted from property taxes.  Reassessments are only made when homeowners add new rooms or take on projects that expand the square footage of their home.

How Long Can I Keep Using my Solar Panels?

With proper and regular maintenance, your solar panels can supply your home with clean and renewable energy for as long as 30 years or more.  This also means that you can keep saving money on electricity bills for three decades or more!  How awesome is that?

A Solar Installation Company in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a reliable and professional installer in Las Vegas, we highly recommend Go Solar.  Over the years, the company has worked with countless of homeowners, business establishments and even public institutions. They provide excellent customer service that extends even after they have already installed a solar system on your home and building.  Contact them today and find out about their amazing offers!


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