How Much Money Can You Save with Solar Energy

Every year, more and more people are switching to solar energy to save money.  They spend thousands of dollars on a solar panel installation hoping to cut down their electrical bill.  How exactly is that practical?  Shedding out $25,000 on a shiny panel above your roof doesn’t sound like a great investment.  Can it really help you financially?  If it truly can, exactly how much money can Vegas solar panels save you?  You are not going to believe what researchers found out!

Numbers Don’t Lie

Perhaps you’ve heard some of your friends and relatives proudly announcing that they’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars because of solar energy.  You may have thought that they were only exaggerating but after reading this article, you are going to think twice about that opinion.

Back in 2011, some researchers went around the US to survey how much money homeowners have saved in 20 years after they had solar panels installed.  They discovered that the amount of savings is relative to where the homeowners lived.  This means, the amount of savings vary from state to state.  However, they all lead up to the same conclusion – solar power can save you tons of money!

Still don’t believe us?  Take a look at some of the results they gathered five years ago:

  • Texas – $20,960 (savings)
  • New York – $31,166
  • Florida – $33,284
  • California – $34,260
  • Las Vegas – $34,761
  • Hawaii – $64,769

Remember, this survey was conducted half a decade ago and since that time, companies have worked so hard to make solar energy even more affordable to the masses.  This means that nowadays, if you choose to go solar, your savings would be even larger!

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine all the things that you can spend 20 years worth of savings on.  You can go on that much-needed vacation.  You can invest it on your kid’s future!  Don’t let a short-term investment blind you from all the possibilities that you can enjoy in the future.  Sure, an upfront payment of $25,000 for an installation may hurt your wallet but in 20 years, you will be grateful you took that financial risk.  Actually, scratch that.  A solar panel installation is not a financial risk at all!  It is a wise investment!

Who to Contact for a Solar Panel Installation in Las Vegas

There are plenty of solar panel installers in Las Vegas but there is only one that we can vouch for.  Go Solar is a company that you will want to work with.  They have great financing options plus they have discounts for members of the military and senior citizens.  They even have a referral program!  See?   A solar panel installation will not be so expensive if you choose Go Solar.


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