How to Cut the Cost of Your Solar Panel Installation

Are you hesitating to switch to solar energy due to the high cost of installation?  We have great news for you!  The government is now offering rebates and incentives which can cut the cost of your solar panel installation in Las Vegas.  Read on to find out how much you can earn from the government is you decide to go solar.

Nevada Energy’s Rebate Program

NV Energy has a Renewable Generations program which awards incentives to customers who switch to clean sources of electricity like solar power.  Nevada residents can earn up to $13,500 and small business owners can enjoy as much as $67,500.  Public buildings and institutions are also eligible to participate.

How the Program Works

First, customers are required to apply during a certain application period.  Take note, not all applications will be considered.  Apparently, NV Energy limits the number of approved applications due to budget constraints.  If the number of applications exceed the state’s allocated budget, a third-party lottery will be conducted.

Incentives will only be given to approved applicants after the installation and to collect, they must provide the following documentation: building permit, voltage verification form, copies of invoices and a signed net metering agreement.  If changes were made during the installation such as a change in contractor, a change order form must be submitted to NV Energy.

Are You Eligible?

NV Energy’s program is open to all its customers.  Also, the solar system to be installed must satisfy certain standards.  It should be a brand new model that meets NV Energy’s safety guidelines.  The installation must also be done by a certified and licensed solar panel installer.

Solar Energy for Everyone

If you are looking for an installer that you can trust, we recommend Go Solar.  For over 25 years, the company has provided honest and efficient service to its customers.  You can trust their highly-skilled team to finish the installation right on time.

Another amazing thing about the company is how they try to make solar power affordable to everyone.  Aside from being a contractor recognized by NV Energy, the company itself offers financing options and various discounts.

Active and retired members of the US Army are given a $100 discount per kw system.  Likewise, senior citizens (65 years old and above) can avail of the same discount rate.

If you have always wanted a solar system installed on your home, now is your chance.  Contact Go Solar today and find out more details about their incredible offers!


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