How to Make Your Solar Panels Last

Each year, solar panels cut thousands off your power bill giving you more money to spend on other expenses.  You can finally afford a gym membership or perhaps build up a savings account.  As long as your solar system is working efficiently, you can breathe a little easily.  So to continue saving, all you need to do is make your Vegas solar panels last by maintaining them properly and regularly.

Fortunately, panels are not high maintenance.  Compared with generators that are made out of moving components which easily rust and break down, solar panels are relatively easier to care for.  No need for lubrication and fine tuning mechanical parts.  Read on to learn how to clean your panels the right way.

How to Clean Your Panels

If you don’t have one yet, purchase a solar panel cleaning kit.  It should include a container filled with liquid soap, a wiper and a small brush.  The tools are similar to the equipment used when cleaning cars so if you can’t find a panel cleaning kit, you can use car cleaning equipment instead.

Next, take the liquid soap and read the instructions on its container.  Find out how much soap needs to be mixed with water.  Prepare the water in a clean bucket and mix accordingly.  Follow the instructions to the letter. Putting on more soap won’t make your panels cleaner.

Don’t use a large bucket.  Remember, you are going to be working on top of the roof.  Carrying a big and heavy object will only throw you off balance.  Position yourself comfortably and keep the bucket beside you as you work.

Take the small brush, dip it into the mixture inside the bucket and rub it over the panels in a gentle manner.  Practice care as much as possible.  Putting on too much pressure can cause damage.

If your panels are arranged into smaller sections, the small brush should be enough to clean them out.  But if your panels are arranged in larger portions, you need to a brush with a long handle.  There are some kits that come with one but if yours doesn’t, you can always improvise.  Simply attach the small brush to a long stick.

After brushing your panels, wipe them with the wiper.  Take note, you need to do this step wile the panels are still wet.  This is to make sure that soap won’t dry up on the panels and cause stains which can affect the system’s ability to absorb sunlight.


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