Vegas Strip Tours on a Scooter

Have you ever imagined how exciting it would be to cruise down the Las Vegas strip on a trike?  It would be a ride of a lifetime!  Fortunately, vacationers can now have that experience.  Thanks to Vegas Trike Adventures, tourists can enjoy day and night Vegas Strip tours on a cool scooter.

Why Go on a Strip Tour in Vegas

If there is one word to best describe The Strip, that word would be “alive.”  Day or night, the boulevard is filled with sights and sounds that will fascinate every tourist.  Almost every corner you turn to has an attraction waiting to be explored.  From word class hotels and resorts to locations of hit TV shows, The Strip has plenty to offer.  Whether you are a casino goer or not, you will surely love the whole place.

Tour the Boulevard on a Scooter

Scooter tours are a great and exhilarating way to explore The Strip.  Walking tours can be tiresome and they take days to finish.  Limousine and helicopter tours, meanwhile, are not only pricey but they deprive you of having an interactive experience of the boulevard.  A scooter tour is the “in between.”  It isn’t expensive but it allows vacationers to explore The Strip comfortably.  Additionally, on Vegas Strip scooter tours, vacationers can enjoy the boulevard in just less than one day.

Attractions Included in Vegas Strip Scooter Tours

Aside from magnificent hotels and resorts,  Vegas Strip scooter tours take guests to the following attractions: Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, Shelby’s Auto Museum, Pawn Stars Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Pawn Stars Plaza, Fremont Street, Count’s Kustoms, Stratosphere, Little White Chapel and the Elvis Wedding Chapel.

Some of the attractions mentioned are seasonal and can be subject to change.  So before booking a scooter tour, check Vegas Trike Adventures’ website for an updated list.

Fun for the Entire Family

If you have kids, don’t worry.   Vegas Trike Adventures’ vehicles are perfectly safe for the entire family including your little ones.  They may not be as safe as a car but they are definitely more stable than a 2-wheeled moped.  Plus, the company’s trikes look so cool we’re sure that your kids will feel excited to get on them.

In Vegas Strip tours, the guests and the guides ride in packs.  This makes them more noticeable and therefore, safer on the road.  So if you are visiting Las Vegas with your family, don’t miss going on a scooter tour.  Your kids will surely love it!


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