Tour Vegas Strip on a Cool Trike

A vacation to Las Vegas is never complete without a Strip experience.  Apparently, the Las Vegas Strip is more than just a chain of casinos and hotels.  It is also a cultural hub and many other things.  It houses the coolest attractions in Las Vegas like the iconic Welcome Sign, Silver & Gold Pawnshop and Fremont Street.  Planning to come to the city for a visit?  Tour Vegas Strip on a cool trike!  It will be an experience you won’t forget!

The Strip is not just for people who love to gamble and to party.  Although the boulevard is known for its dynamic night life and magnificent casinos, there are many other activities that even families can enjoy.  You can go on a Las Vegas Strip tour to explore different activities and the best way you can do that is to go on a trike tour.

Family-friendly Las Vegas Strip Tour

Vegas Trike Adventures offers packages that the whole family can enjoy.  One look at their cool trikes and your little ones will surely feel excited to have a ride.  They are also safe for children too.  They may not be as safe as cars but compared with mopeds and scooters, the company’s three-wheeled trikes are relatively safer.  They provide better stability and with their LED lights, riders are more noticeable on the road.

Guests of Vegas Trike Adventures are given the freedom to drive their own trike but they are required to travel in packs for their safety.  Tourists ride in a group following a local guide who will take them to various attractions.  By riding in packs, guests are easily noticeable in traffic and therefore safer.

Meet Celebrities, Make Great Memories and Much More!

A Vegas Strip tour gives you the chance to make great memories and even meet your favorite celebrities.  For instance, in Vegas Trike Adventures’ trike tours,guests are taken to locations of famous television shows like the Gold & Silver Pawnshop.  Visitors can stop over and meet the popular Pawn Stars.  They can even buy cool souvenirs and sell some of their stuff.

Book with Vegas Trike Adventures Today

Vegas Trike Adventures takes vacationers from one end of the Strip and all the way to the other end for only $198.  At that price, guests can already enjoy cruising on a two-seater trike and indulge in an exhilarating Strip experience.  Don’t waste another minute!  Book with Vegas Trike Adventures today!


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