Easy Ways to Clean a Tactical Uniform

Tactical uniforms are not as easy to clean as regular clothes. Wives of law enforcement officers can attest to this fact! Because these uniforms see plenty of day to day action, they can turn out to be a huge mess that seems almost impossible to clean. Not only will you have to deal with hard-to-remove stains but also the strong odor of gunpowder. A dirty tactical uniform will make you wish that you have someone else to do the cleaning for you. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some great tips to help you clean your Vegas uniforms easily. Here are simple tricks to try.

Use Vinegar to Eliminate Odor

Trust us, after witnessing the wonders of vinegar, it will become your new best friend. Vinegar is typically used for cooking but it has other purposes. It is especially effective against nasty odors. So if you want your tactical uniforms to smell clean, just add a cup of white vinegar into your laundry machine while your Las Vegas uniforms are still soaking. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes. If you have a top-loader, you can leave the top open for half an hour. On the other hand, if you are using a front-loader, use your machine’s “extra soak” feature. Simply add the cup of white vinegar directly and continue washing your dirty uniforms normally.

What to Do if Vinegar Doesn’t Work

If you’ve followed the instructions carefully above and your uniforms still smell, it’s time to use something stronger. Bring in some baking soda. As you wash your uniforms with regular detergent, add half a cup of baking soda directly. If baking soda still won’t work, don’t worry. There’s still another solution to your annoying problem. First, wash your uniforms in hot water. Next, add a cup of ammonia. This trick should rid your dirty uniforms of nasty odor.

Where To Go if Your Uniform Gets Damaged

People who are involved in the law enforcement are always on the go. Damaging their uniforms is common most especially when they have to move quickly. So where can you go if your uniform gets badly damaged? We only have one company in mind. Las Vegas Tactical takes pride in being the largest store that sells Las Vegas tactical gear including uniforms. If you need a new tactical uniform, they are your best choice. To make sure that your uniform will fit you perfectly, they have a seamstress onsite. What are you waiting for? Visit them today.




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