What You Must Know Before Purchasing Body Armor

Planning to purchase a body armor? Shopping for one is not the same as shopping for regular clothes. Since it will be responsible for protecting your body from potential danger, your armor must be chosen with utmost care and they must come from a trusted provider. Las Vegas Tactical has been the leading Las Vegas tactical gear store for years now. No other store can compete with their massive selection and their years of expertise. But before you go and give them a visit, you must learn a few things first about armor.

Kinds of Modern Body Armor

The concept of wearing armor is not new. In the ancient times, protective gear were made with heavy materials for durability. As a result, the wearer’s speed is hampered despite being heavily protected. Thanks to modern technology and scientific breakthroughs, modern armor has now evolved into something more usable. Today’s protective gears are lightweight and allow a person to move swiftly whilst providing protection.

Basically, there are two kinds of modern body armor. The first type is called soft armor. It is widely-used and is capable of resisting rounds shot from a handgun. Another type are semi-rigid plates. Now, this type of armor is especially crafted to resist blunt force trauma. They are made of light materials that enable a person to move freely and to feel comfortable while wearing their armor. Lastly, the third type is the hard armor. It is made of sturdier materials such as ceramic or metal. It can give protection from modern battle carbines.

Which Type Should You Choose?

Only you can answer this question. Evaluate your needs. First and foremost, determine how much protection you need. If you only need low-level protection, then buying hard armor wouldn’t make any sense. You will only cause you to move slower and feel uncomfortable. However, if you cannot make up your mind, experts suggest to choose something that can resist the rounds from the firearm you are carrying.

Also, do not sacrifice your comfort. If you feel uneasy in your armor, you are likely to leave it lying around somewhere instead of using it to protect yourself.

Your armor should also fit you perfectly.Make sure you are measured accurately when you make your purchase. Your vest must not ride up your throat when you squat, sit or bend.

Meanwhile, buying a hard armor requires more time and effort because you need to try it on with your carbine. Place your Vegas tactical gear on it and practice moving with it. A good hard armor should enable you to mount your weapon properly.


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