Which is the Better Choice, Tactical or Traditional Uniforms?

In the field of law enforcement, what you wear really matters. Not only does it affect your image but the wrong type of clothing can keep you from fulfilling your duty to the society. This is why when purchasing Vegas tactical gear, you need to be careful with your choices.

There are only two types of uniforms that officers wear – tactical and traditional uniforms. It has long been debated which of the two is better but the answer is always inconclusive. This is because it really depends on your needs. Do you work on the field? If that is the case, you need materials that enable you to move quicker. Do you frequently represent your department in formal gatherings? You need an equally formal uniform that will make you look respectable.

Tactical or Traditional Uniforms – Which is Which?

It can be pretty confusing but we’re breaking both types of uniforms down for you so you can make a better decision. First, let’s have a look at traditional uniforms. They are formal and they give off an authoritative vibe. They are called “Class A” uniforms and include dress-style shirt and pants. Footwear is also formal. Officers in traditional uniforms should only wear black shoes. Their hat can then be either round or eight-point and must feature a badge of the department where they are from. Officers who wear traditional uniforms are easily identifiable making them more approachable.

On the other hand, if you want a uniform that will allow you to move freely, go for “Class B” uniforms or tactical uniforms. Officers who wear this type of uniform have that ready-for-anything look. Tactical uniforms typically include cargo pants and BDU or TDU-type shirts. In special cases, some police officers are asked to wear jumpsuits which are called “Class C” uniforms. Footwear is combat boots and the hat can either be a baseball cap type or a combat helmet. Although officers who wear tactical uniforms are less approachable, people say that they are more reliable than those in traditional uniforms.

Where to Buy Tactical or Traditional Uniforms

There are plenty of stores that sell traditional uniforms and tactical gear in Las Vegas, but we can recommend a great place where you can get both. Las Vegas Tactical has the largest selection of tactical gear in the city plus they have a dedicated seamstress to make sure your uniform of choice fits you perfectly. Give them a visit today!




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