Which is a Better Top Body Armor, Kevlar or Carbon Fiber?


Law enforcement officials have high risk jobs that put often puts them in the middle of dangerous situations. This is why protection is of utmost importance to them. A top body armor is one of the many gears used by officials to keep them secure and this type of Vegas tactical gear comes in two kinds – Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Both are durable materials and are effective in resisting rounds. They are used for the same purpose but they can be different in many ways. As you purchase the right tactical gear in Las Vegas, you must know these differences so you can choose the right gear for your needs.

What Makes Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Different?

Kevlar and carbon fiber differ in their composition. This means, they are made from two very different materials. Kevlar is considered as the most superior of fabrics because it is made at a microscopic level. Top body armor made of Kevlar is produced through an extremely intricate process that involves pouring a liquid substance into a mold to form the fabric’s strands. Because of this, Kevlar is amazing when it comes to moisture management.

On the other hand, carbon fiber is made through an entirely different process. To form a top body armor made of carbon fiber, manufacturers paste strands of graphite over a mold. Using epoxy resin, the strands are positioned in a cross pattern which gives carbon fiber its durability.

Kevlar’s weakness is when it is subjected to compression. Because of its rigidness, it buckles down. Meanwhile, carbon fiber proves ineffective in protecting an individual from sharp weapons.

Also, don’t be fooled by how Kevlar and carbon fiber look. Although carbon fiber seems thick to look at, it is way lighter than Kevlar. This is why the material is often used by bike enthusiasts, automobile racers and people involved in the aviation industry.

However, if you are looking for a top body armor that will provide you with extra strong protection, then Kevlar is the better choice. Because of its extra layer, it provides a stronger level of safety for the wearer.

Where Can You Buy a Top Body Armor?

Las Vegas Tactical is your one-stop shop for tactical gear. They have the largest selection of quality products giving you more options to choose from. More importantly, they provide excellent service. They listen to your needs and introduce products that fit your preferences perfectly. Give them a visit today!




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