How to Keep Your Nursing Scrubs Clean

In medical establishments, sanitation is a strict requirement. Before entering, staff are to go through a thorough process of disinfection. Likewise, medical institutions are keen about their employees’ uniforms. They need to be spotlessly clean and this is not only to give their organization a good impression. This is also to ensure the safety of their patients. If you are a medical practitioner who has to deal with cleaning your Las Vegas nursing scrubs, we have some useful tips for you. Follow these carefully.

Pre-treat Your Work Clothes

Disinfecting can be harsh on your uniforms. After some time, you will notice that the colors of your scrubs are already starting to fade. How do you avoid this? We discovered a simple pre-treatment process that you can do at home. Before wearing your scrub suit for the first time, place them in a tub filled with cold water. Add in half a cup of vinegar and let it sit for 30 minutes. Doing this will give your work clothes resistance to fading.

Use Your Nursing Scrubs Only at the Workplace

Some medical practitioners use their scrubs before and after work. You see them grabbing a cup of coffee in their uniform or perhaps doing their groceries in them too. Avoid from doing this. To make sure your scrubs remain clean, please them into airtight bags before going to work. Do the same thing after work. After taking your work clothes off, place them in another airtight bag.

Give Your Scrubs Special Treatment

Scrubs are not like your regular clothes. They need special treatment. To be more specific, they require more disinfecting than the clothes we normally wear. This is why you shouldn’t mix them in with your other clothes. Also, if your work clothes have some stains, treat them first before loading them into the washing machine.

Where to Buy High-Quality Scrubs in Las Vegas

There are plenty of uniform stores in the city but only Las Vegas Uniforms has the biggest selection of Vegas nursing scrubs. They have them in every style, color and brand. Check out their website to find out which brands they carry. Or better yet, just head over to their store so you can find out for yourself. They also offer onsite embroidery services if you want to add a personal touch to your work clothes. They are your one stop shop when it comes to uniforms. So don’t waste any of your time and effort. Drop by their store!


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