How to Make Your Las Vegas Bathroom Look Bigger

Other rooms in your house can be tiny but you should never skimp space for your bathroom. In most cases, homeowners cut down the size of their bathrooms to make way for a larger bedroom. However, in time, they realize their mistake and call in a Vegas bathroom remodeling team to undo their wrong call. 

You may think that a tiny bathroom is not a problem but ask every realtor out there, it can make or break a deal. If you are planning to sell your home soon, you need to understand that one of the things that buyers look for in a home are spacious bathrooms.

So what can you do with your bathroom that is perhaps smaller than your closet? Here is some advice from MRC Builders’ team of highly-experienced experts.

Be Consistent

Want to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom? Be consistent with your choice of color, tone and value. For instance, painting your ceiling with the same color you used for your walls will open up the space. Likewise, using the same color throughout the room conceals any odd shape and angles. Here’s another great piece of advice – do not mix dark and light colors together. If you have dark walls, the best move would be to opt for dark-colored tiles too. Don’t ever bring in light-colored tiles to your room. It will only make your bathroom appear smaller than it already is.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Clear Glass

Considering textured glass? You may want to change your mind. Not only does textured glass make your bathroom look tacky, it will also feel like an “extra wall” in your tiny bathroom. Use clear glass instead and watch your bathroom magically open up right in front of your eyes.

Put Up Mirrors

Every Vegas bathroom remodeling expert knows that bringing in mirrors will do the trick. It works for every other room in the house too. Putting up a tall mirror in your bathroom will not only give your decor a much needed boost but it will also create the effect that you have a larger space.

Who to Call for a Bathroom Remodel in Las Vegas

Sometimes doing all these tricks is still not enough. You may need to have your bathroom completely remodeled to free up space. If that is the case, we recommend MRC Builders. They specialize in  remodeling bathrooms in Las Vegas so they are the perfect company for the job. Plus, they can work within your budget.


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