How to Select the Right Color for Your Vegas Bathroom Remodeling

When doing a Las Vegas bathroom remodel, one of the hardest decisions you are going to make is selecting the right color. It sounds fun and easy but when all the options are already laid out in front of you, you will find it confusing and you will probably change your mind several times. We know how stressful this process is which is why we made this guide. By carefully considering everything we have written down in this article, you will save plenty of precious time, money and energy.

Make Use of a Color Wheel

When working with colors, this is the most basic tool that every homeowner must have. Even home designers rely on a color wheel to come up with visually appealing color combinations. With it, they can blend contrasts and complement hues. While a color wheel indeed helps with creating great color combinations, it is always best to seek the advice of an expert like MRC Builders. This company has worked with numerous clients and have always delivered satisfactory results. They have a team of highly-skilled professionals who specialize in Vegas bathroom remodeling.

Adhere to the Rule of Three

In home design, there is a rule called “the rule of three.” This refers to three-way color combinations that some designers use. They observe the following proportion: 70% for neutral, 20% in rich color and 10% in bold. However, neutrals are an exception. You can go for an all neutral bathroom but make sure your contractor combines the colors appropriately. You can rely on MRC Builders to give you the effect you want to achieve. Just communicate your needs and they will do their best to give you what you desire.

Liven Up Your Bathroom By Using Two Brights

Do not hesitate to use bright colors in your bathroom. Most bathrooms are painted in neutral and there’s no doubt that these classic colors are beautiful. However, if you want a more futuristic and interesting look that will impress your guests, then go for bright colors. Just use two contrasting brights and seal the look by using white paint or accents. If using bright colors seem a little risky for you, consult MRC Builders. Their experts will advise you about your choice of colors.

Work with a Reliable Company that Listens to YOU

If you want your bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas to go smoothly, then work with MRC Builders. Not only do they specialize in home design but they also provide excellent service to their customers. Contact them today for an estimate!




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