Exciting Things Tourists can do on Fremont Street

Fremont Street is one of the attractions in Las Vegas that you shouldn’t miss. The street is teeming with life. It combines shopping, entertainment and gaming all in one place. At this side of the city, we are certain you will find exciting adventures that will make your vacation a memorable one. If you are planning a trip to the city any time soon, you may want to look into the Las Vegas scooter tours that Vegas Trike Adventures offers.

Book with Vegas Trike Adventures

If you want your vacation to go smoothly, we recommend booking a tour with Vegas Trike Adventures. They offer exciting scooter tours in Las Vegas that take you to the Hoover Dam and The Strip. Currently, their most famous tour is the latter. There are plenty of tourists booking with them every minute so get yourself a spot today! Check out their website and call them for any inquiries you might have. They have a great staff who are willing to accommodate you.

What to Do on Fremont Street

Okay, so now you have figured out a great way to get there. But what will you do once you are there? That’s a great question and we have plenty of answers for it! On Fremont Street, you can do a lot of exciting things even if you have already splurged your gambling money.

On the street, you will meet hundreds of friendly faces. Some of them are locals while others are going to be tourists just like you. Don’t be afraid to smile back when someone flashes you theirs! Also, when you arrive on Fremont Street on a trike, you will surely get people’s attention. Many heads will turn and some people will wave at you. Wouldn’t that be an amusing experience?

If you are into history, you can take a stroll down Fremont East. It is for free but you will get valuable learning from it. Along that area of the street, you will find 18 bronze medallions that will educate you about Las Vegas’ colorful history. The medallions also contain interesting facts about the city’s icons.

Want to take a cool souvenir photo? Why not have one taken with Vegas Vic? He is a famous cowboy symbol all around the world. Also known as “Glitter Gulch”, Vegas Vic has appeared in numerous movies. His famous tag line is, “Howdy, partner!” If you haven’t met him yet, then it’s time to pay Fremont Street a visit.


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