Have Your Photo Taken with the “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign”

Almost every tourist who has been to Las Vegas has a photo of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign. The classic sign has become a symbol for the city but did you know that it is actually located outside the city premises? Yup, it is built on a neighboring town, Paradise. If you are paying Las Vegas a visit, you must not miss having a snap taken with the iconic sign. We recommend booking a Las Vegas scooter tour to get there. There are plenty of companies that will offer you scooter tours in Vegas but we can only recommend the best, Vegas Trike Adventures.

The Story Behind the Famous Sign

Here is an interesting fact about the sign – it was designed by a female. Back in the late 1950s, Betty Willis made a name for herself by doing a man’s job. In that era, creating signs wasn’t a woman’s job but Willis made a difference. She created a fabulous sign out of scratch and was paid only $4,000. This amount is lesser than the price of other roadside signs inside Las Vegas.

As you explore the city, you will realize that the sign has two replicas. No, you don’t have any problems with your eyesight. You aren’t drunk either. There really are two copies of the original sign and although you may have your photo taken with them, nothing compares seeing and having one taken with the original sign.

Book a Scooter Tour in Las Vegas

If you are in the Silver City for a short-term stay, let’s say you are in town only for a couple of days, there is a great way for you to explore Vegas. Save precious time and effort by booking a scooter tour with Vegas Trike Adventures. They specialize in Strip tours and one of the attractions included in this type of tour is the “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.”

What’s unique about Vegas Trike Adventures is they take their guests cruising down the boulevard on a cool trike. Their vehicles are colorful and catchy that when you ride on it, people are sure to notice and smile at you. It will be an experience you won’t forget!

The company has served hundreds of satisfied tourists. Whether you are going to the city with family or with your friends, a scooter tour is a must-do activity for you! Give Vegas Trike Adventures a call today to learn more about their tours!

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