Meet the Pawn Stars on a Las Vegas Strip Tour

Pawn Stars is currently one of the biggest shows on air. People love how the family behind the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop mix entertainment and business. Their quirkiness and attitude has millions of viewers glued to their television sets. When you meet the cast of the show, you won’t be surprised at all why they became such a huge hit. If you are a fan, Vegas Trike Adventures offers you an opportunity to meet with your favorite TV stars on a Las Vegas Strip tour.

Who are the Father and Son Combo Behind the World Famous Pawn Stars?

Just in case you are not familiar with them yet, allow us to introduce to you the exciting personalities of the show. First off, let’s start with Rick Harrison. He is the brains behind Pawn Stars. Among the staff, he is the one who worked the hardest to make their show a hit on air. Those who have met him swear that just a couple of minutes with this guy will make you learn so many things. He is described to be a great friend that everyone wants and is incredibly loyal to those that are close to this heart. In the show, you can learn that he had a rocky childhood because of his migraine episodes but he managed to pull through and become such a warm personality.

Another colorful character in the show is Rick’s dad, Richard Harrison whom everyone calls the “Old Man.” He is the muscle of the shop. Richard was once a part of the US Navy and was into real estate. Unfortunately, he didn’t have that much look on that kind of business. However, despite his losses, Richard has remained to be an extremely generous person. He also values his family so much. The relationship he has with his children and grand children mean the world to him. When you enter the shop, he won’t fail to ask you how you are doing.

Meet Rick and Richard on a Tour in Las Vegas Strip

Excited to meet the father and son combo behind the show? Book a Strip tour with Vegas Trike Adventures. One of their stops is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where you can meet Rick, Richard and the rest of their family. Not only that, you will also experience cruising down the Strip on a cool trike. You will surely have a tour you won’t ever forget.


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