What’s Inside Shelby’s Auto Museum?

Shelby’s Auto Museum is every automobile junkie’s dream come true. It is a heaven on earth for those who adore cars. Vegas Trike Adventures offers motorcycle tours in Las Vegas that will take you to this awesome attraction. At a reasonable price, their guides will take you to an amazing display of cars. Also, you will ride on a comfortable and cool trike that you will have full control of. Vegas Trike Adventures will surely give you an adventure you won’t ever forget.

Into the World Famous Automobile Museum

If you are one of those people who have race car dreams ever since they were kids, Shelby’s Auto Museum will wow you without a doubt. The museum holds Caroll Shelby’s legacy. It is home to his exquisite collection of cars that will certainly fascinate you. Shelby’s automobile collection is just one of the famous attractions inside the museum. There are many others that we are sure you will be interested in.

The iconic museum is also the perfect destination for couples who are going on a vacation or a honeymoon. Your guy will surely be entertained by the collections found inside the museum. He will have the time of his life.

Shelby’s Auto Museum is conveniently located near Town Square. It boasts an expansive parking area where you can park your trike. If you want to explore the museum, they offer tours that are both informative and entertaining. However, these tours can be quite long. If you are short of time, you can just take a snap, hop on your trike and move on to the next attraction.

Every car enthusiast will enjoy everything that the museum has to offer. If you want to take home a souvenir, just head over to their retail shop where you can purchase a little something to remind you of your memorable trip. Shelby’s Auto Museum is also known to have a friendly and accommodating staff. They are always ready to answer any question you might have about the museum’s exhibits.

There are over 20 classic cars inside the museum. In there, you can also find the very first Shelby Cobra. You may also explore the Shelby Auto Workshop where you can find some of the world’s most powerful cars.

Visit Shelby’s on a Vegas Motorcycle Tour

Short on time? If you are in Las Vegas for a short term vacation and would like to explore all the cool attractions on the Strip, we suggest that you contact Vegas Trike Adventures. They will take you on an exciting Las Vegas Strip motorcycle tour.

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