3 Things to Consider When Choosing th Right5g

The perfect pair of tactical pants will help you a lot when patrolling the streets or practicing your skills at the range.  Las Vegas Tactical is often asked this one question: How do I pick the right tactical pants. Our answer will always be: Consider the pattern and color, the fabric, and the cargo capacity. These things are necessary when choosing Las Vegas security uniforms.


The fabric of your tactical pants should fit the kind of climate in your area. Lightweight material is ideal for tropical places. Thicker ones will make you feel uncomfortable and dehydrated because of sweating. The downside with lightweight tactical pants is its low durability. We suggest choosing tactical pants that are made of ripstop fabric. Check out Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants. It is coated with DuPont Teflont fabic that makes the pants more durable especially the seat and knee areas.

Pattern and Color

Las Vegas security uniforms are subject to your company’s regulations. Of course you need to choose something that fits the requirement of your institution. However, if you are given the freedom to choose, you can pick according to the locality and the situation where you will likely use the pants. The one thing that people like you don’t want is attention. So choose something that will not make you stand out from the crowd. For example, Digital camouflage patterns are only necessary when the operation is happening in a jungle, but if you are in the city, the Propper STL II is great. It looks subtle enough like any casual wear.

Cargo Capacity

While some people thing that cargo pockets are a nuisance, they are usually part of a pair of tactical pants. If you think that cargo pockets are annoying then choose something that is not too baggy. Baggy pants will make you look sloppy anyway. Check out 5.11 Covert Cargo. It has pockets that are not easily noticeable. They are made with 100% cotton fabric so you can wear them every day and still feel comfortable. The cargo pockets are spacious enough to carry your Smith & Wesson M&P and other necessities like mobile phones and blades.

The perfect pair of tactical pants will let you perform your best even during the most dangerous instances. Choose a pair that will help you execute your survival plan when needed. Since these pants are likely to be worn on a regular basis choose something that is comfortable. Las Vegas security uniforms should always be comfortable and durable.


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