Military Boots: The History of Tactical Footwear

Soldiers need to be agile and ready during wars and other kinds of missions. Because of this, they need the right kind of tactical footwear. Good quality military boots will keep their feet safe and their movements faster whatever kind of terrain they are traveling. These boots can be found in many uniform stores in Vegas.  But how did this tactical footwear become a military staple?

The 1860s

During the American Civil War, it was only the army generals who were wearing the military boots. Their soldiers were only wearing ordinary shoes. Back then, the military boots were glued together by hobnails. Later, the hobnails were replaced by rubber grips. These models had better grip on any kind of surface and did not give away too easily.

The 1940s

When the Second World War broke, soldiers were already given tactical footwear. This was because the officials saw the high number of fatalities in their team. They found that insufficient armor and the wrong kind of footwear makes their fighters less competent. When decision makers saw the importance of the military boots in winning the war, they immediately ordered the creation of high quality boots for their soldiers.

Modern times

The designs that they came up with are the same ones you can find in Uniform stores in Vegas. By the end of the Second World War, they became popular that men and women started wearing the too. However, the boots were still called bluchers then. These are now called brogues.

You can determine military boots that are actually meant for soldiers from the ones that are meant to serve as fashion statements. Those that are used by military men have heavy soles, tied with laces, and are black in color. Fashion pieces are made with lighter materials and come in different colors.

Military boots used to be made of leather. However, advanced technology made it possible to design and manufacture military boots that give better protection and insulation. They are now made using a combination of leather and canvas. These more modern creations are essential to keep the soldiers safe in damp areas.

When looking for the right military boots, look for a pair with study materials. Try them on before actually paying. The soles should be able to provide enough friction while also providing stability. You can find these in many Uniform stores in Vegas. Even non-military personnel can own a pair of these tactical footwear.


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