Is Las Vegas Sedation Dentistry Safe For my Child?

Many children are scared of the dentist. Some of them throw tantrums when taken for a simple checkup. If your young one is terrified of seeing his dentist, do not worry. With Las Vegas sedation dentistry, the dentist can work on your child’s teeth while he is comfortably asleep. We understand that there are many hesitations about this certain procedure and with this article we aim to break all the prejudice that surrounds it.

Some parents disapprove of sedation dentistry in Las Vegas because they feel it threatens their child’s safety. For example, they will tell you that they don’t want their child to suffer excruciating side effects. This is just one of the many misconceptions about sedation dentistry. Indeed there are side effects but there are certain measures you can take help your child through it. Also, the advantages of sedation dentistry outweigh the cons.

Before Getting Sedated

Generally, children who were prepared by their parents handle sedation better. So before your child proceeds with the procedure, make sure that he doesn’t eat or drink anything. Follow all the instructions given to you by your Las Vegas dentist. It is highly important that you follow the dentist’s instructions carefully because if you fail to and feed your child before the procedure, your child may vomit the contents of his stomach and accidentally inhale them into his lungs.

Another important step you need to take is to tell your dentist about your child’s entire medical history. Do not leave out anything. If your child is taking medicine, let your dentist know. It can affect the procedure.

While at the Clinic

As you wait for your child’s turn, do everything that you can to make your child feel calm and relaxed. A great trick is to bring along a comfort item he is fond of. If he has a favorite stuffed animal, pillow or blanket that makes him feel at ease, bring it along. Holding your child’s hand, singing gently or talking to them can also help. If you have other children, find someone who can look after them while you are at the clinic. You need to focus your attention only to one child.

Sedation Dentistry in Las Vegas

If your child needs to have his teeth done by a dentist, Vegas Smiles is your best choice. They specialize in sedation dentistry in Las Vegas and they have a friendly and accommodating staff that can make your child feel at home. Drop by and check out their clinic some time.



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