The Modernized Kitchen: Trends for 2016

Kitchens have always been sort of traditional but the twentieth century technology has made a pretty good impression in the modern homes of today. The Vegas kitchen remodel team of MC Mojave Construction has made modern kitchens up to par and has maximized the way we use to think about a modern, American home.

The established experts of MC Mojave construction make sure that they achieve your  organized, beautifully-designed, updated kitchen to your liking. One of the most important aspects of remodeling is functionality. These are the tips that help you maximize your kitchen’s appeal.


The Vegas kitchen remodel team of MC Mojave construction offer a wide selection of organizing your kitchen spaces. From shelves to carousel cabinets, you’re sure to make a good impression whichever option you choose. Arrange your kitchen essentials by shelves or magnets to clear up counters and table tops.

Carousel cabinets are perfect for your pantry, glassware and just anything you could think of. The Vegas kitchen remodel team can whip up carousel cabinets from scratch and personalize it for you. Organize and arrange your spices and condiments with a single pull of a drawer. Lighted drawers are a new trend this year that you should definitely try as well!

Everything and anything in the kitchen requires proper arrangement for vast and tidy spaces, making room for more kitchen action. Keep utensils, cookware, glassware and just about anything in their designated places to save time and make cleaning up a breeze!


Having a table counter is essential when you have the luxury of space. It’s smart, Double purpose and convenient. Serves as a table, a counter, even work best for safekeeping of kitchenware. The Vegas kitchen remodel team of MC Mojave Construction will build you a table counter that’s rightfully perfect for your kitchen making it, the new star.

Modern Cook Tops

Today’s technology has made sure that with the advancement of appliances, design should be up to par as well. Glass Ceramic cook tops and No-flame cook tops add the touch of sleekness every kitchen needs. They save space, make cleaning up a breeze and are elegantly designed.

Overall Design

Uniformity and continuity puts the cherry on top of any kitchen there is. The design experts at remodeling Las Vegas make this an easy task. They’re right with you from the very start and will make sure you get the very best out of MC Mojave Construction.

The Vegas Kitchen remodel experts at MC Mojave have done extensive and amazing work with 100% satisfaction rates from the clients they work with. They make your homes their business and you’re in for a great surprise!


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