Digging It at Dig This Vegas

For weeks I’ve been trying to figure out what to give my husband for his 40th birthday and I’ve been stuck in a rut. I’ve been wanting to incorporate his interests to give him a unique celebration but I’ve been going around in circles until my boss suggested we take a trip to Las Vegas. Oh Vegas! The land of tricks and adventure. But what could we possibly do but the usual visit to casinos and clubs? Good thing I found a great outdoor activity in Vegas that I’m sure he would love – and he did!

Going Out of the Box and into the Sandbox

My husband, like any man, had always been a fan of outdoor activities and so, I wanted his trip to Las Vegas to be out of the ordinary. After doing my research and receiving fantastic feedback from my friends, I came upon Dig This Vegas. Dig This Vegas take outdoor activities in Las Vegas to a new level as they give you the opportunity to enter the construction sandbox for a day. I hurriedly booked my husband and I for a fun-filled day of Vegas outdoor activities.

Dreams Do Come True

Mind-blowing would have to be the word to describe our day as we got to tinker around heavy machinery. We got to build huge mounds of dirt and push gigantic tires around. The adrenaline of wrecking and building brought out the inner child in us as we delved into the best outdoor activity we’ve ever done! It was just unbelievable to be able to operate machinery we have never even thought of being able to come close to. It was so fun that my husband’s even considering a career change! It’s insane.. It was all insanely fun!  At the end of the day he whispered, ‘Thanks for making my childhood dream come true.’ After hearing this, the long drive to Las Vegas became so worth it.

 I’ve been with husband for so long I thought I’ve done everything with him. But having experience such a unique Vegas outdoor activity all thanks to Dig This, we were able to have the time of our lives. Next month, we plan to take our kids with us. And I’m most certain our kids will surely dig ‘Dig This Vegas’. There are a lot of things and places that we could enjoy in the fabulous city of Las Vegas. Of course, all that gambling, entertainment, booze and fun.. As expected. But didn’t you know that there are actually some new activities that give as much fun? Also having found out that it’s the only one throughout the USA. Make sure you swing by when you visit Las Vegas. This is one outdoor activity that you don’t wanna miss. Give them a call a day before for advance reservations, oh! And you better come in groups for more discounts.



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