2016 UFO Sighting in Area 51

Area 51 tour from Las Vegas can bring you to the place where the most recent UFO sightings took place. The area is believe to be the place where the US government has been hiding aliens they collected over the years. The tour is an exciting thing to experience. But now that modern technology allows us to roam the face of the earth through the Internet, you can see the area before deciding to join a tour.

How to Find Area 51

Technological innovations recently led to a UFO sighting by a netizen named Scott Waring. He spotted it through Google Maps. According to him, it resembles the Millenium Falcon, the famous starship seen on the Star Wars movies. Waring, who founded UFO Sightings Daily, detected through satellite what looks like a research facility being built around a circular object. He adds that there are many other similar government-sponsored facilities for alien experiments.

Remembering how Bob Lazar divulged the S4 facility to the public, Mr. Waring is convinced that what he saw was a 30-meter UFO. He published his discoveries through a video which he uploaded to YouTube. In the video he explains how the public can find the exact location of the said UFO. Quoting Lazar, he said it is “the third dry lake left of Area 51.”

Waring adds that the facility has transformed ever since the year 1998. He gave tips on how to turn back time to see those transformations. He urged netizens to find the coordinates 36°55’35.30″N 116° 0’25.41″W through the Google Maps’ Street view. The said coordinates will lead to the S4 hangar where the UFO was reportedly found. You can visit the area through the help of Planet XV with their Area 51 tour from Las Vegas.

What the Video Shows

Waring’s video shows a circular hangar that according to him, contains a UFO. The shape of the hangar imitates the shape of the flying saucer. You can also spot on the video four adjoining buildings, which Waring supposed, contain the air conditioning system that cools down the UFO inside the main building. The video also shows an air strip and some radar towers.

In a comment, one of Waring’s loyal followers corroborates the video: “My father was in naval intelligence for 30 years and always told me we have had these secret programs using alien tech and this just confirms it.”

Alien enthusiasts are have been excited by this 2016 UFO sighting. See the area for yourself through an Area 51 tour from Las Vegas. Go on a UFO hunting tour with Planet XV now!

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