Experience Alien Hunting in Area 51 Las Vegas

One of the most controversial and unresolved mysteries of the Universe include the existence of life far from the world we live in. This has been going on for centuries, some to be proven based on science and the government who constantly denies it. With both sides having strong contingencies, nobody knows who to believe in anymore. This is yet another mystery that’s waiting to unfold. Tour Area 51 in Las Vegas lets you discover these mysteries with your own eyes. With help from high-technology, military grade equipment that Planet XV has to offer, you’re in for a ride of a lifetime.

An Unforgettable Area 51 Adventure

When you take a Tour Area 51 in Las Vegas, you’re bound to get all the thrill Planet XV has to offer. What makes this even more brilliant is the fabulous Limousine that’s gonna be your exclusive ride for the duration of the trip. You will be picked up by your very own limbo at the Gold Coast back parking lot with your given schedules. You’ll find the ride rather cozy with restroom stops in transit. Throughout the whole cruise, you will watch and learn about how this top secret base came to be and all the interesting geography insights that you need to know.

Planet XV’s Area 51 Tours

The adventure destinations actually depend on weather conditions and the day of the week it is. From Sundays through Thursdays, you have the option of having the sightings at either Dry Lake or at the peak of Mount Charleston. For Fridays and Saturdays they take their guests to the sites near Mercury, Nevada. Alongside the locations, prices also vary, so you’d have to reserve slots ahead and give Planet XV a call prior.

The perfect time for these UFO sightings would be around dusk and it could get rather cold later in the night, so you better bring some thick jackets. Sightings last a good two-hours after sunset, and the absolute right time too because of the sun’s right angle relative position to the Zenith. I’m sure science geeks understand this reason. After all UFO sightings you’ll be taken back to the Gold Coast Hotel with the same limbo, of course.. So what are you waiting for?

Ignite your curious minds and solve the mysteries yourself. Go on and take a tour area 51 in Las Vegas.

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