Four Most Interesting Spots in Area 51 Tour

When you tour Area 51 you will be in close proximity to the places where a lot of people reported encounters with extraterrestrial beings. You will see the beautiful landscapes as you travel the perimeter of Area 51.

The area is a source of controversy among those who have heard about it. There are places in the area that are in tight security. The intense security in the area makes it even more mysterious. Those who tour Area 51 went home with exciting stories for friends and relatives. These stories, however, do not do justice to the eerie but amazing feeling of standing near the area where the aliens have been.

Extraterrestrial Highway

The highway is filled with beautiful scenery but because it is uninhabited, it is also dreary and mystical. Tourists will wander through the highway before you arrive the famous Area 51. Indian Petroglyphs that resemble the look of aliens adorn the highway. You better not miss them when you do the tour. They can be seen at the outskirts of an ancient dry lake. Magical UFOs have been seen according to reports by alien hunters frequenting the area.

Little A’le’ Inn

You can get your fill of unique and delicious food and refreshment from this famous inn. Many movies with alien themes were shot here. If you have seen “Independence Day” and “Paul,” you will surely be familiar with the look of the inn. Don’t forget to try their Alien Burgers and buy a few souvenirs. They have a lot of merchandise that will remind you of this one-of-a-kind tour.

Black Mailbox

The Black Mail Box served as a marker for the dirt access road that goes straight to Area 51. This is the favorite meeting place of UFO hunters who frequently visits the area. According to reports, two to three alien spaceships fly by the area every week. Unfortunately, you can’t see the original mail box anymore as it was stolen in January of last year. Others also say that the owner removed it on purpose because of continuous vandalism.

Top Secret Military Facility

One of the most interesting spots you can see when you tour Area 51, is the top secret military facility. The area is guarded by “Men in Black.” They got their name from their all-black attire. They were placed to keep unauthorized people from getting inside the facility. Security in the area is enforced by the hidden cameras spread all over. Some are propped on cactus plants. Still others are hidden behind “Top Secret Military Facility, Keep Out, Use of Deadly force Authorized”.

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