What to See and Do in an Area 51 Tour

If you want to see the places where extraterrestrials have reportedly been seen, you need to tour Area 51. Aside from the possibility of seeing them for yourself, you will also see the beautiful landscapes of Nevada, particularly the Great Basin desert.

The area became famous to alien hunters and people who are curious about the secret military facilities. These two things are what makes an Area 51 tour spine-chilling. Even though the area is relatively small, it is visited by tourists, particularly those who are interested in aliens and aviation. However, the general public can also find the tour exciting because of the following spots:

Extraterrestrial Highway

This highway is also known as State Route 375. When you tour Area 51, you will find out that it is mostly an uninhabited desert terrain. There are only a few other establishments here aside from the top-secret government base. Many tourists reported sightings of UFO and alien activities along the highway. You will see Indian Petroglyphs along the way which look a lot like aliens.

Little A’le’ Inn

This small bar, restaurant, and motel was previously known as Rachel Bar and Grill. It gets its business from a wide range of Area 51 and alien related products including posters, toys, and maps. You should try their Alien Burger while you’re there. The place is also a great place for selfies as many people will recognize the inn from alien-related films like “Independence Day” and “Paul.”

Black Mailbox

As the tour heads to the Tikaboo Valley, you will see the Black Mailbox. This is when you will know that you are already heading to the restricted lands around Area 51. There is nothing special about the black mailbox except that it is the spot where UFO hunters meet up. It is now already replaced with a white mailbox but the name still stuck. Two to three alien sightings are reported here per week.

Top Secret Government Base

This military facility is guarded by the “Men in Black.” They are meant to ward off intruders. Detection devices and security cameras are surrounding the area. This remote detachment is also called Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, and Watertown.  The facility is controversial because the government refuses to disclose its purpose.

Don’t just read about it or be content with online videos. See the real thing up close. There is no better time to tour Area 51. Book a tour with Planet XV now.

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