How I Would Describe a Family-Friendly Las Vegas Sports Grill

It’s the place you want to go to when you are overwhelmed with work and child-rearing. It is the place where you can relax while your kids are also having fun. It is the place where you enjoy a mug of ice cold draft beer while your kids enjoy a game of table football. That’s how I would describe a family-friendly Las Vegas sports grill. But I have more in mind.

What Pete Rose Has in Store for Your Family

  • It has food kids will want to devour. If you have picky eaters, it can be hard to find a grill that offers the food they will actually eat.  At Pete Rose Bar and Grill, they can order a platter of Expos Poutie if they want French fries dipped in brown gravy and cheese curds. If they love spaghetti, give them a plate full of Cincinatti 3-way which spaghetti mixed with chili and cheese.
  • It is wide enough for the kids to be comfortable. Because Pete Rose Bar and Grill has more than 7,000 square feet floor area, your kids will have fun going around to check the art pieces and sports memorabilia. You can go around with them too especially if you have particularly nice memories about the times when Pete Rose was still an active baseball player. Who knows, the legend himself might join in the conversation.
  • It is easily accessible. The best Las Vegas sports grill that your family can frequent should easily be located. There’s no fun going around Las Vegas just to find a place to dine and relax. Pete Rose bar and grill is located right at the heart of Las Vegas Strip so you won’t miss it. Find the place with a beautiful al fresco dining area in front of Aria Resort and Casino and beside Planet Hollywood.
  • It has a wide selection of beer and cocktails. What can you do while the kids are eating? The best family-friendly sports grill will have draft beer and signature cocktails to keep you calm and cool. At Pete Rose you can choose from 32 draughts and 12 signature cocktail. Now that’s what you call awesome, right?

Bond with Family at Pete Rose Bar and Grill

Unwinding after an exhausting week can be done in a family-friendly Las Vegas sports grill like Pete Rose Bar and Grill. Who knows you and your kids might even meet a few people you can have regular weekend fun with. At Pete Rose you’ll rub elbows with sports fans, foodies, and friendly people. So book a table now for a fun day with the family.

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