The Advantages of Getting Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Stained teeth ruining your chances of scoring a hot date or getting hired? There is hope! Nowadays, there are state of the art dental treatment that will enhance your smile. The most common one that people are currently into is laser teeth whitening. It is a completely safe and effective procedure performed by a dentist in Las Vegas that guarantees a whiter, brighter smile.

What Will You Benefit from a Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment?

  • The process is very quick. Unlike other treatments that will require you to return to your dentist in Las Vegas for several sessions, laser teeth whitening only takes as little as one hour. It is a great alternative for people who are on the go and for those who want to see immediate results. Also, you will experience results right after the treatment. No need to wait for a couple of weeks to see if it worked.
  • Its effects last longer than other types of teeth whitening procedures. Other whitening treatment lose their effect after a month or two. With laser teeth whitening, you can enjoy a whiter smile for up to five years as long as you observe proper oral hygiene. Yes, you’ve read it right. Just one session and you can enjoy a better smile for half a decade.
  • Laser teeth whitening is simple. It is not messy or complicated unlike other procedures. Other forms of treatment involve plenty of intricate stages that can be tasking for the patient. Laser teeth whitening is different. It only involves the placement of a rubber cap for protective purposes, application of the bleaching agent and pointing the laser light unto the patient’s teeth.
  • The treatment is 100% safe. If you are anxious about the safety of the procedure, we can assure you there is nothing to worry about. To put your mind at ease, see a Vegas dentist who has a strong professional background. We have the perfect candidate in mind.

See Dr. Bill Gussow at Vegas Smiles

Dr. Gussow is the resident dentist of Vegas Smiles. He has been practicing his craft for over two decades now and he has done hundreds, if not thousands, of laser teeth whitening procedures. He specializes in working with phobic patients because he knows how to prioritize his patients’ needs and to listen to them. We cannot recommend a better dentist in Las Vegas than Dr. Gussow. Visit his clinic today!




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