The Best Sports Bar Las Vegas Strip for a Birthday Party

Looking for the best sports bar Las Vegas Strip for a birthday can be daunting especially if you want to impress your guests. The place should be have an entertaining ambiance, a wide selection of delicious food, and is easily accessible. It should also offer fun activities that your guests will enjoy. The good news is, the venue with all of the above qualities exists. It can be found right at the heart of Las Vegas Strip.

Pete Rose Bar and grill is a 6.700 square foot sports bar and dining area located in front of Aria Resort and Casino. It has an al fresco seating area but the scene inside the bar is equally breathtaking. They have a lot of memorabilia from Pete Rose’s baseball career. It is one of the only few bar and grill with a beautiful garden set. It is the perfect place to have a quiet intimate get-together with a few friends. If you want to have an upbeat party with your pals, it’s also the place to go.

The Heavenly Menu

It’s not called best sports bar Las Vegas Strip for nothing. The place is teeming with various drinks from draft beer to signature cocktails. The menu was inspired by Rose’s professional baseball career. The dishes are from cities where the baseball legend had a memorable game.

A few of the specialties of the house include Expos Poutine which is comprised of French fries with a generous topping of brown gravy and cheese curd, the Cincinnati 3-way which is a luscious serving of spaghetti sprinkled with chili and cheese, the Phillies Cheesesteak smothered with onions, bell peppers, and their own version of cheese sauce, and last but definitely not the least is the Pete Rose Special which boasts of juicy ribs served with steak, chili and cheese, and baked potato. Other customer favorites are their Classic Burge, Pulled Pork Sliders and Ball Park Dogs.

The Surprises

When you spend your special day at Pete Rose, you will be partying with one of baseball’s living legends. So why not make your dreams come true whether you are the celebrant or just the party planner? You and your friends might spend an enjoyable hour with Pete Rose. Maybe he can personally share a few baseball secrets with the group.

There are so many possible venues for a birthday party but spending it at the best sports bar Las Vegas Strip is a superb idea. Give them a call for a night you won’t forget!


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