What You’ll Find Inside The Best Sports Bar in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is teeming with sports bar. It isn’t surprising to know that Las Vegas is popular for this kind of place. If you have ever been to a sports bar before, you would know how it is. Being in the best sports bar in Las Vegas means being in one place with the people who are passionate about one thing. Imagine yourself lounging comfortably by the bar, enjoying a delicious cocktail and cheering for your favorite team.

That’s what Pete Rose Bar and Grill promises to provide its customers. They have a wide outdoor patio that provides guests with a spectacular view of Las Vegas at dark. The name of the establishment surely will create a wave of nostalgia among baseball fans. Who doesn’t know the great Pete Rose or the “Charlie Hustle” of baseball world? I bet seeing him in person is on top of your bucket list. When you visit his bar you can tick that off you list. You might even have a chat with the living legend.

What You’ll Find Inside Pete Rose Bar and Grill

It’s not only the owner that makes the place special. The bar and grill itself boasts of interesting features that will feed your heart. The walls are adorned with beautiful art pieces and sports memorabilia that are already part of baseball history. There are 32 high definition TV monitor that show sports games 24/7 with expert analysis through DIRECTV Sports Pack. There is no wonder this is considered the best sports bar in Las Vegas.

Because the place is situated in an expansive 8,000 square feet lot, it can accommodate more than 250 guests at once. Imagine a possible scene: 35 sports fanatics savoring a mug of beer at the bar and another 250 people watching sports games on TV while eating and chatting with friends and family at the dining area. Still some 100 people are enjoying the outdoor patio and the Las Vegas night scene.

Book Only with the Best

So would you want to miss out on the delicious food, great company, and ice cold drink? I bet not. If you book a table now you will be sure to have a great time eating a plate of Expose Poutine or Phillies Cheesesteak. Or if you are in the mood for a few drinks, the bar is open to serve its guests with 32 different draft beers and 12 signature cocktails.

Whether you need a break or want to celebrate something with family and friends, spend it at Pete Rose Bar and Grill. Reserve a table at the best sports bar in Las Vegas.


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