5 All-American Foods to Try at the Best Las Vegas Sports Grill

Great sports games should be paired with great food. That’s what makes Pete Rose Sports Bar and Grill the best Las Vegas sports grill. It is one of the few establishments that offer all-American food with an interesting twist.

Burgers and sandwiches

Pete Rose Bar and Grill serves a variety of burgers and sandwiches. You shouldn’t leave the place without taking a few bites of Triple BBB. The three B’s stand for Big Beef Bone. It is a huge burger filled with beef patty, tomato aoli, burrata, cheese arugula, and then jazzed up with peppers. Their Turkey Club sandwich is the tastiest in town. It is stuffed with apple wood smoked bacon and smoked turkey.


Health conscious guests can get their fill of tasty food without worrying too much about calorie intake. Pete Rose Bar and Grill’s Chinese Chicken Salad is a mixture of greens, Napa cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, scallion grass, grilled chicken, mandarin orange, and fried wonton. The drizzling of Asian Sesame dressing is what makes it special. No other sports grill in Las Vegas serves the same. Only the best Las Vegas sports grill serves this all-American special with an Asian spin.

Main Entrees

The 16 oz rib eye will leave you feeling full for hours. It is made with grass fed beef rib eye cut. It’s so good you would think it’s bad. But because it is grass fed you can be sure its total fat is much lower than ordinary meat. If you think that’s too much for your belly, you can try out their fish and chips. Be careful though, once you get a taste, you’ll keep coming back for more. The secret lies in the beer batter and the fresh cod.

Side Dishes

Nothing beats watching a great game while nibbling on food. Order some fries or tater tots while you drink beer and cheer for your winning team. Pair your food with the bar’s Beer of the Month and you’ll surely have a gastronomic delight.

Delicious all-American food is just one of the things the best Las Vegas sports grill can offer. They also have a wide selection of beer taps and signature cocktails. Enjoy your food and drinks while watching an exciting game on one of the many HD TVs scattered around the bar and the dining area.

Where else would you find a place as exciting as this? There’s no other place to go except the Las Vegas Strip. You can easily spot the Pete Rose Bar and Grill because it is conveniently built at the heart of the Strip. Call them to reserve a table today!


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