The Best Vegas Sports Bar to Gather with Friends

There’s no better way to enjoy a riveting sports fame than with great food and good company. You can do all that at the best Vegas sports bar. The Pete Rose Bar and Grill is famously known as one of the finest destinations at the Las Vegas Strip. Don’t you dare miss it when you visit Las Vegas.

The Best Thing about Pete Rose Bar and Grill

The place is famous for being the watering hole for sports fans in Las Vegas. They have wide-screen, high definition TV that airs the most sensational sports games. The luxurious menu features all-American food that you will enjoy with friends and family. You should not miss the buffet section where you can eat whatever you like.

Pete Rose Sports Bar and grill is the best place to gather with friends and family. It is a child-friendly place where people of all ages can enjoy every minute. The menu caters to everyone. Even the picky eaters will find something they’ll love. They have the all-time favorite Buffalo wings flavored with Thai chili and salt and pepper. The children will love snacking on Expos Poutine while playing table football. Vegetarians will love their special Caesar salad and a choice of flat bread.

What to Drink at the Bar

The best Vegas sports bar has a wide array of beer and signature cocktails that guests can choose from. They have beer in bottles like Budweiser, Miller Lite, and Pilsner Urquell. Their choices of draught include Anchor Steam, Sam Adams Boston Lager, and Sierra Nevada.

Where to Find Pete Rose Bar and Grill

All these choices and fun feature make Pete Rose Bar and Grill a million times more pleasurable than any other place they’ve been to in Las Vegas. Whether it is a boy’s night out or a fun family night, the ambiance will make you want to spend all your days here.

You will find the place at the center of Las Vegas Strip beside Aria Resort and Casino and opposite Planet Hollywood. Its inviting al fresco seating area will catch your eye so you surely won’t miss it.

The best Vegas sports bar has warm and friendly staff that will always be happy to serve you. They will make sure that you won’t forget your experience there. One tip from one of their patrons: Keep watch of the coupons given away at some corners of the Las Vegas Strip. Coming as a group? Call them now so they can save space for you and your friends.


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