What are the Advantages of Getting CEREC Same Day Crowns?

In the past, it took at least one month for dentist in Las Vegas to make crowns for their patients. Thanks to modern technology, people can now get crowns in as fast as one day. CEREC has developed a cutting edge machine that can create flawless crowns that can be installed in a single appointment. Obviously, CEREC Same Day Crowns are advantageous because of the amount of time they will save you. But there is more this dental breakthrough than speed. Here are other advantages of CEREC Same Day Crowns.


They Are Practically Mess Free

Even the most experienced dentists in Las Vegas can’t prevent any mess during a regular crown installation. For instance, getting the impressions with a tray of wet dental plasters often causes patients to gag. With CEREC, patients are spared from that excruciating step. Instead of using a tray, your dentist will use a computer to take accurate dental impressions. The procedure will be pain free, mess free and comfortable on your end.

They Are Guaranteed Effective

It is easy to doubt the effectivity of CEREC Same Day Crowns. Sometimes, when things are made in a quick manner, they don’t turn out well. However, CEREC is different. They created a technology that can create crowns that are absolutely flawless. The impressions are taken accurately by a computer hence eliminating the possibility of ill-fitting crowns.

They Look Natural

Regular crowns can look odd. Instead of enhancing your smile, they can make you feel more conscious about you looks. If you want to have natural looking crowns, then go for CEREC. This technology has the power to create crowns that are unbelievably real looking. Nobody will ever believe that they aren’t real! This is because CEREC Same Day Crowns are made with porcelain blocks that match your existing teeth color.

Get CEREC Same Day Crowns from Vegas Smiles

It can be confusing to find a great choice among all the great dentists in Las Vegas. The competition is extremely stiff but there is one who stands out because of his ability to handle his patients with care. Dr. Bill Gussow of Vegas Smiles is the type of dentist who makes you feel right at home the moment you meet him. You won’t feel anxious about your appointment with him at all! Vegas Smiles also has an amazing staff that are more than willing to accommodate your needs. Give them a visit today!



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