Creative Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

You need to properly store towels, lotions, shampoos, soaps, and other bath items to keep your small bathroom from looking cramped. Unfortunately, storage is usually lacking in tiny bathrooms. While a Vegas bathroom remodeling can help create a spacious bathroom, these creative solutions could serve as unique décor without sacrificing their functionality.

Wire Shelves

Your local hardware stores most likely carry a variety of bathroom shelving options. What you need for your bathroom is something that does not rust easily. It should also stand vertically to use space efficiently. These wire shelves could occupy the space above the shower or the bath tub. Make sure that you choose something sturdy enough to hold a few towels and bathroom mats.

Bike Bins

The baskets attached to bike handlebars could have both decorative and practical purposes. Just install hooks on the wall then you can hang those bike bins in a row or stacked together to hold washcloths, tissues, and other bath products.

Old Drawers

Search your attic for old dressers. Tell the Vegas bathroom remodeling agent to remove the drawers and repaint them to complement your bathroom décor. You may leave the knob or replace them with prettier ones. You can also attach additional knobs on each of the sides so you can hang light items like shower caps and bath sponges. Hang them on the wall vertically. Voila! You have additional storage space without spending too much.

Old Furniture Pieces

Aside from the dresser, there are other furniture pieces that can be repurposed for bathroom storage. One of these is the stepladder which can hold a plant, a few towels, and grooming products. Tuck in a corner to use space efficiently. If you find a skinny locker or commode, squeeze it in the space between the bathtub and the toilet. This can hold extra items such as soaps and shampoo. They can also safeguard first aid supplies and reading materials from moisture – perfect for people who love reading while enjoying a long bath.

Cramped bathrooms call for extra creative storage ideas. Each and every inch counts in this situation so storage solutions should not take up too much space. Stuffing all your bathroom products in a single cabinet will only make it hard for you to find the things you need. What you need to do is call a Vegas bathroom remodeling company to help you. Get in touch with MC Mojave Construction at 702-432-8878 for free estimates.



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