Top 4 Reasons to Update Your Kitchen

A trendy and up-to-date kitchen makes a home look and feel more welcoming. But the costs of Vegas kitchen remodeling could be expensive if you choose the wrong contractor. The trick is to find someone who is reliable and will offer you an affordable price. But first, let’s check whether or not your kitchen really needs an update.

Top Four Reasons to Have a Las Vegas Kitchen Remodel

  1. The walls are dirty and the paints are chipping. If this is true then you really need to update your kitchen. Luckily, what you only need is a repainting job. This does not cost too much. Painting your cabinets with a different and trendy color makes them look fresh and modern. The project will not cost as much as buying replacements.
  2. The cabinets are old. Again, you don’t need to replace your cabinets if they are still in working condition. You simply need to alter some of its features. One thing you can do is to remove the cabinet doors then have the frames and interiors painted. That way, the cabinet turns into an open storage that will showcase decorative kitchen items. You may also request for glass inserts to create a whole new look.
  3. Appliances and fixtures show signs of overuse. Adding cabinetry or replacing flooring and kitchen appliances are expensive choices, but you can do something similar without blowing off your budget. You can replace a couple of fixtures like the dishwasher or the sink. The appliances could be refinished or painted with special appliance paint. Ask your Vegas kitchen remodeling contractor about it.
  4. The hardware is out of style. Replacing cabinet door handles and drawer pulls is an inexpensive project that can create a major impact on the appearance of your kitchen. Have your cabinets repainted and their hardware changed to make them look brand new. Use modern styles to create a transitional design and boost their functionality. Two-tone cabinets are a thing these days. This can be done by painting the upper part with one color and the bottom part with another. For example, if you use navy blue on the bottom, then the top part could be white or gray.

Reliable Service Provided by MC Mojave

Because the kitchen is the hub of you family’s activities, it should be kept looking trendy and cozy. The last thing you want is a kitchen with awkward layout and dirty walls. So for an affordable and reliable Vegas kitchen remodeling call MC Mojave Construction at 702-432-8878 or visit their website at



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