Building First Aid Kits in 4 Easy Steps

There is one thing that you should never go without when camping or hiking: first aid kits. Like Vegas tactical gear, first aid kits help campers and hikers deal with situations in the wild. They are effective saviors in times of emergencies and injuries. The problem is, not all people know how to build a basic first aid kit.

Two Ways to Get a First Aid Kit

You can either build your own first aid kit or buy one from stores. Building you own offers a few benefits. You will know exactly what’s in it and hopefully, you also get to know how to use each one. Tactical gear stores sell first aid kits as a complete package. A kit that’s obtained from a reputable store is likely to be effective and carry all the necessities. It is clearly your best option.

Keeping a First Aid Kit

Whether you decide to buy or build a first aid kit on your own, you need to do the following:

  1. Learn what kind of animals you might encounter. Before you set off to your destination, do a thorough research of the area. Even the grasslands that you will pass through towards the mountains are likely to be inhabited by snakes and other poisonous animals. So make sure you have poison kits with you.
  2. Include wound care essentials. Cuts, blisters, and wounds are the most common injuries experienced when camping out. Your first aid kit should have the basic wound care items like peroxide and iodine ampules for disinfecting wounds. Alcohol pads are also needed for cleaning scissors and tweezers or sanitizing blisters.
  3. Get prescriptions for antibiotics. When you buy first aid kits from Vegas tactical gear stores, you will likely find painkillers in them. However, antibiotics, which are equally necessary are not included because they require doctor prescriptions. So before heading out, ask your doctor for a prescription for broad spectrum antibiotics like ciprofloxacin and erythromycin.
  4. Arm yourself against allergies. Make sure that your kit has Benadryl and antihistamine. The mountains are home to serious allergens and if you or your companions have severe food allergies, you need those anti-allergy medicines even more. If possible, get epinephrine injections in case of anaphylactic shock.

Being the biggest Vegas tactical gear stores, Las Vegas Tactical has everything you need for your first aid and survival kits. They even have embroidery and tailoring services that you can take advantage of especially if you avail of their corporate account option. Call 702-739- 7070 for inquiries.


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