5 Things that Make Up a Contemporary Chef Uniform

Chefs are not only expected to cook up delicious dishes. They are also required to talk to customers when needed. This is especially true in establishments that wish to provide the best service possible to their clientele. Delicious food is not the only basis for quality service, it also includes sophisticate and clean Vegas uniforms.

Being at the center of a restaurant’s operations, chefs need contemporary uniforms that can keep up with a dynamic job. Chefs need the following to be able to their job well:

What are the Things that Make a Contemporary Chef Uniform?

  1. The chef coat was developed more out of necessity rather than of aesthetics. However, the chef coat still looks sophisticated with it double-breasted style. Contemporary chef coats cans be reversed so as to hide stains from view.
  2. The chef utility shirt is the basic component of a chef uniform. It protects the chef from the heat as food preparation is done. The most modernized utility Vegas uniforms are made with materials that offer ventilation and soil release properties
  3. The chef hat or the toque-blanche keeps stray hair from falling into the food being prepared by the chef. Traditionally designed ones are as tall as 9” to 12” but modern day chefs may wear anything from skull caps to beanies and baseball caps.
  4. The chef pants are kept simple and practical. Its style and material is similar to the scrubs of the people in the medical profession. The two front pockets and single back pocket lets chefs carry small items necessary for their job.
  5. Aprons are worn by chefs to protect their uniforms from stains. The apron covers the front and back which also keeps the chef safe from fire. Modernized aprons can keep chefs from fire and similar elements. They are usually as high as the knee o may end at mid-thigh. The large front pocket is intended for storing items such as notepads and pens.

Buy Your Chef Uniform from Las Vegas Uniforms

There are benefits the chef can get from clean, modernized Vegas uniforms. For restaurants looking for the biggest supplier of chef uniforms, Las Vegas Uniforms is the best place to go. They have a huge selection of nursing scrubs from Dickies to Cherokee and Koi, but they also offer chef uniforms and security uniforms. The one thing that they offer that most other stores don’t is the on-site embroidery services. Are you a restaurant owner looking for uniforms? Call 702-734-7070 and ask about their corporate account.


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