Fun Facts About the World Famous Pawn Stars

Is it strange that one of the most popular shows in the United States is all about pawn shops? Well, it doesn’t take an ordinary pawn shop to make it to the top of the charts. Among the many pawn shops in the US, one shines above the rest and it is the world famous Silver and Gold Pawn Shop along the Las Vegas Strip. It also helps that the Pawn Stars, the second most watched reality show in the US, revolves around the activities and deals that go on in this shop. The Silver and Gold Pawn Shop has become so popular that it became one of the most awaited stops during the bus and scooter tours in Vegas. Learn More about the Pawn Stars! Here are some interesting facts about the shop and the show.

Power Group

The shop is a family business run by Richard “Old Man” Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, Rick’s son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell. This group has become so popular that they get noticed no matter where they go. Although they all share their love for the show fans, they still cannot believe the degree of popularity they have gained through the show. Despite their unassuming nature, their interesting finds and exciting transactions make for a highly acclaimed show.

Famous Items

It is interesting how people put so much value in the everyday items of famous people. A proof of this can be found in the Silver and Gold Pawn Shop and it’s a cigar box and a ring. The ring, valued at $60,000 is the 2001 Super Bowl Ring. This makes it the second most expensive item in the shop. The cigar box is valued at $125,000. So how did a cigar box amount to this much? The reason behind this is that the previous owner of this box happened to be John F. Kennedy. These items make the shop a must see during the scooter tours in Vegas.

Pawn Oddities

The shop also happens to be home to some odd items. One of these include a coin that costs $2650. Another is a Greek Didrachm older than Christ himself. The shop also has a 2-00 year old scroll containing some very interesting Japanese pornography. Each item has their own story but that would be for another time.

The shop is a popular stop during the scooter tour in Vegas. Looking to appreciate the shop up close? Want to see the different interesting items in this world famous pawn shop? Book a tour with Vegas Trike Adventures today and get an exciting and unforgettable experience.



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