3 Heavy Equipment Attractions in the USA that You Must Visit

Would you like to try one of the newest outdoor activities Las Vegas? Would you pay just to operate heavy equipment? Americans are shelling out cash these days to experience being an equipment operator. There are only 3 construction experience venues at present. If the demand continues to rise, several others are likely to open soon.

Dig This: Newest Outdoor Activities Las Vegas

Dig This is the pioneer in this kind of Las Vegas outdoor activities. They’ve been in operation since 2011, but the idea started in Steamboat Springs, Colorado more than a decade ago. Ed Mumm, a former fencing contractor and Dig This owner, had to do the initial excavation for his own home. He had so much fun driving the excavator that he thought of giving others the chance to experience the same. Even 14-year olds can experience controlling a Caterpillar Excavator for 2 hours. All without adult supervision.

Dig This is a favorite destination for travelers and locals alike. It is no wonder TripAdvisor considered Dig This one of the top 25 US amusement parks.

Demolish a Junk Car with Extreme Sandbox

A similar things is done by Extreme Sandbox in Hastings, Minnesota. It only opened a couple year ago, but they already expanded to a 6,300 square foot building. This was constructed to house their equipment shop, gift shop, conference room, and office.

One of their best attractions include the Destruction Zone that lets you demolish a junk car using a 19-ton excavator. The company also lets you operate fire trucks. Although you don’t need previous experience in handling large machinery, you will need to undergo a 15-minute training for your own safety.

Big Toy Playground at the Gateway to the Grand Canyon

Big Toy Playground is the newest addition to the heavy equipment attractions in the USA. It started its operations in August 2014 in Williams Arizona. Larry Fox attended a John Deere demo in Sacaton. He noticed the amazement and fun the contractor were having while testing the equipment. He thought it would also be a source of fun for people who have never tried those machines before.

Looking for new outdoor activities in Las Vegas? Dig This is the place to go. It is the only place in Vegas where you can experience being a heavy equipment operator. Fulfill your and your kids’ dreams of operating these machines. That’s right! Kids can have fun at the site as well. They can take pictures and operate mini machines too. So what are you waiting for? Book a dig today!


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