Best Sports Bar in Vegas for an Unforgettable Night at the Strip

The best sports bar in Vegas is where you can hang out with baseball superstar Pete Rose. The said sports bar is named after him and is located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. You can see it sprawling on the Las Vegas Road and across the street from Aria Resort. It is a huge 9,000 square foot restaurant with an al fresco dining area featuring a jaw-dropping view of the Strip. It is apparently the peppiest sports bar at the Strip today.

What they Serve at the Best Sports Bar in Vegas

The famous HIG Management developed the bar’s menu. The food choices include from appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts, sandwiches, and the house specialty Pete Rose Specials. The three specials that are quickly gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike are chose to pay homage to the cities Rose played for during his time at the Major League Baseball. The Cincinnati Reds are honored through the Cincinnati 3-way which is a dish of spaghetti covered with meat sauce and Mediterranean spices. The Philadelphia Phillies are remembered though the Philly Cheese Steak. The Poutine, a Canadian comfort food praises the Montreal Expos. All are best enjoyed with a mug of draft beer.

A Watering Hole for Sports Fans and Foodies

The best Vegas sports bar is a place for sports fans and foodies alike. These three should never be absent in a sports bar: great food, strong beer, and high definition TV screens. Pete Rose Bar and Grill has all of them. The bar seats 35 guests, the dining area is good for 250 people, and the patio accommodates 100 guests. 32 high definition TV screens are scattered around the place for everyone to enjoy the playoffs.

Pete Rose Bar and Grill can also house special events such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and stag parties. A semi-private venue is also available for corporate events, office anniversaries, and the likes. But it is first and foremost the best Las Vegas sports bar for watching sports games while drinking cold beer or one of the bar’s signature cocktails.

There’s no need to go far to find the best sports bar for an unforgettable night. It is right at the entertainment hub of Las Vegas. Find out more about Pete Rose Bar and grill by checking out their website or placing a quick call to the manager. They’re waiting for your company, so book a table at Pete Rose Bar and Grill now!


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