Nevada’s Atomic History in a Nutshell

Museum and art are two things that are closely related to each other. Among the world’s most famous museums house paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and marble sculptures of Bernini. But as we all know, art comes in different forms. Among the many Las Vegas museums is one that celebrates a different kind of art and that is the art of science and atomic testing. Atomic testing has made the United States into one of the most powerful countries in the word and this museum tells the story of how that came to be.

A Little Ambition Goes a Long Way

After the World War II, there was much apprehension towards securing the safety of the country. Thanks to some very ambitious ideas, programs and scientists, a study called the Manhattan Project was made possible. According to, this development program was supported by millions of dollars in funds to widen the scope of the study. This made way to the creation of labs, production centers and more.

A Desert Oasis

Due to the nature of atomic testing, it was necessary to conduct studies in areas that were unpopulated or had little developments. Before Nevada was propelled into the 20th century, its vast deserts has been a hurdle for the area to progress or develop. In the year 1950, a large area of land 65 miles North West of Las Vegas was commissioned as the grounds for atmospheric atomic testing by the Atomic Energy Commission. This site was then called the Nevada Proving Ground and is one of the areas featured in the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.

Big Bang

On January 27, 1951, history was made when the government detonated the first atomic device on the site. The explosion was said to be so big that it was visible from places as far away as San Francisco. This was only among the first few tests that the government has made to further study and develop the art of atomic testing. Over the years, the site has become the world’s most bombed place.

There are numerous museums in Las Vegas that tourists and locals shouldn’t miss and the National Atomic Testing Museum is one of them. The history of atomic testing is only part of the knowledge you will gain once you visit this museum. This Las Vegas museum lets visitors experience Ground Zero simulations of atomic tests and countdowns conducted at control points before explosions. This museum is a great option for families and students who want to learn more about the events and sciences that made way to national security. Bring your entire family and check out our exhibits today! If you have any inquiries, give us a call or visit.



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