Best Water Extraction Team in Las Vegas

There are many causes of water damage in a property. It could be flood water, a broken pipe, blocked drains, storms, sewage problems, and defective appliances. Experts, with years of Vegas water extraction experience, can handle even the most severe cases of damaged water heaters, leaked laundry machines, and broken toilets. Usually, the most serious water damage incidents are those caused by plumbing problems. This is because pipes are covered by walls. Meaning, any leaks on these pipes are not detected unless the homeowner notices the symptoms.

The Water Damage in 89012 Las Vegas Nevada

A recent water damage incident happened to a homeowner based in 89012 Las Vegas, Nevada. When the team from Water Damage Las Vegas arrived in the area, the damage was already very severe. It affected a big part of the home including the bathroom, the bedrooms, and the closets. It’s one of those usual cases of broken drain line. A damage left undetected for quite a while until it manifested in bathroom and bedroom floors.

According to the Thermal Camera that the team used, the moisture level was 200. During the inspection, they discovered severe damage, but luckily, the bathroom tiles were still recovered. The bedroom floors were laminated and needed replacement. Parts of the wall showed signs of heavy saturation. They were warped and had black mold especially the shower walls.

Immediate Vegas Water Extraction Response

Water extraction in Vegas was then started immediately to prevent the situation from getting worse. The team turned off all water sources, like they always do. It is a necessary step because it prevents further flooding and ensures uninterrupted work. Since there were molds, the area needed to be contained using a 6-mil polyethylene sheeting. The area was also ventilated to achieve negative pressure. The damaged pipe was removed first then given to the client for subrogation. All water drenched areas were taken down, including some parts of the dry wall.

After tearing down the damaged area, they were cleaned, sanitized, and dried with a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter. After that, the Las Vegas water extraction team made sure there’s no moisture left by running their Thermal Camera again. The operation was once again a success.

The Solution to Vegas Water Damage

I don’t wish it on anyone, but if you encounter the same problem, don’t hesitate to contact the best Vegas water extraction team. Water Damage Las Vegas operates 24/7. Call them any time for a fast and reliable solution to your water damage problem. Check out their blog and see what their highly skilled, experienced team can do for you.


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