Things LEOs Must Master to Win a Gunfight

FBI records show that firearms are the source of the lowest injury rates over the past 10 years. Apparently, in the last decade, knives and other cutting instruments have caused more injuries than guns. However, this doesn’t mean law enforcement officers shouldn’t prepare for gunfights.

LEOs need to be equipped with Vegas tactical gear and knowledge that they can use during gunfights so they don’t become one of the 9.3% who either got injured or died from gunshot. Here are two of the best philosophies and principles LEOs should master when it comes to gun fighting. They are derived from interviews with famous and successful gunfighters.

Being Able to Decide Quickly and Accurately

Time and again, LEOs have been taught that hesitation will get them killed. This principle is adhered to by one of the most famous gunfighters in history, Wyatt Earp. In one of his only few interviews, he said that the best gunfighters know shooting entails more than just taking aim and pulling the trigger. They also know a great deal about weapon models, the best tactical gear in Vegas, and how to wear and use them properly.

It is similar to the principle of having “calmness in action.” Both phrases may be cliché, but they are accurate. Even the samurais follow this doctrine. It allows for quick and accurate decision-making.

Being Able to Shoot While Moving

Mobility is the second thing to master in the art of gun fighting. You need to be able to aim at the right direction and pull the trigger at the right time even while you are mobile. Constant movement keeps you from being an easy target. Additionally, constant movement while being able to shoot accurately, will help you gun down your opponent while you are left unscathed.

The idea of “stand and deliver” is great but only for beginners. When you are engaged with quite a number of opponents, being stationary will likely get you killed.

Where to Get Your Vegas Tactical Gear

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