The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms from Plain White to Stylish Scrubs

Nursing Vegas uniforms have come a long way from the plain white dresses to the modern scrubs we see today. Some people say that the traditional nurse uniforms were inspired by nuns who were our first nurses. Caregivers after them donned the same things these nuns wore: black and white outfits. The other theory about nursing uniforms is traced to the times when Florence Nightingale managed the nurses during the Crimean War. She made the nurses to wear gray long-sleeved dresses and long skirts. She also made the nurses wear a brown scarf and a white cap. The uniform sets the nurses apart from the cooks, camp followers, middle class housewives, and other workers.

During the American Civil War, the nurses’ uniforms were either black, gray, or brown. The apron also became a big part of the uniform as well as the white bonnet.

Public Awareness and the Rise of the White Uniform

White became known as the symbol of sterility in the medical profession during the early 1900s. This was also when the public became aware that preventing diseases starts with cleanliness. This was the time when nurses and other medical practitioners started wearing the traditional white uniform. The shoes they wore were still black until the white-leather shoe polish was commercialized.

Feminism and the Search for Comfortable Nurses’ Uniform

Feminism emerged in the 1960s. With it came the changes in society including the way nurses dressed. A lot of nurses, especially the feminists, decided to look for a more comfortable uniform. They complained about the stiffness and limiting character of the white uniform. This was when they started wearing the nursing scrubs that we see today.

It did not, however, become the official nurses’ uniform until the 1970s. Nurses only started wearing them as official uniform when hospitals stopped their laundry services for nurses’ uniforms. Everyone started cleaning their own outfits. Because of this, nurses preferred the practical and low maintenance nursing scrubs. It gave them a lot of benefits including comfort, functionality, and convenience.

Personalized Vegas Uniforms

Uniforms in Vegas are now stylish and fashionable unlike the boring white ones we saw before. You now have the freedom to choose from the many colors and prints of nursing scrubs. If you go to Las Vegas Uniforms, you can find that they have the largest selection of nurses’ uniforms in Las Vegas from trusted brands like Carhartt and Dickies. Avail of their on-site embroidery services to personalize your scrubs. If you are purchasing for a company, avail of their corporate account now.

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