Terrifying Consequences of Drinking and Driving in Vegas

Drinking and driving may sound harmless. It even comes off as exciting to other people who love to indulge in risky behavior. However, there are serious consequences that come with drinking under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Many lives have already been taken because of irresponsible drivers who insist on driving a vehicle despite intoxication. Although the U.S. has placed many preventive measures against driving under the influence, it continues to remain as a huge problem.

In 2014, 9, 967 drunk driving fatalities were recorded by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. On the same year, more than 1.1 million DUI arrests were made, both of alcohol and narcotics. You can deal with the legal consequences with the help of a traffic ticket lawyer Vegas, but how do you deal with many other terrifying consequences including that of guilt?

Legal Consequences

Different states have different drunk driving laws. However, they all agreed that the legal blood alcohol content level is 0.08%. Anything above that is illegal. A zero-tolerance policy is also set for those 21-year olds or younger whose Breathalyzer reading is 0.41 or higher.

Impairment of Motor Skills and the Nervous System

Alcohol has numerous effects to the body that you might not even know. For instance, it affects your motor skills. It makes your vision 32% less accurate. It also affects your perception of depth and distance and your sense of hearing.

Alcohol also affect your nervous system. When you are drunk with alcohol, your reflexes and your judgment is impaired. You are going to respond 15-25% slower than when you are totally sober. Impaired motor skills and a weakened nervous system is a deadly combination when you are driving.

The Effects to Life, Property and Your Conscience

In the year 2000, MADD recorded a total of $144 billion dollars’ worth of damages brought by drunk driving in the US. Note that drunk driving does not only destroy physical properties, it also destroys and worse, take lives. The worse damage it could bring is a guilty conscience that you will live with for the rest of your life.

Trusted Traffic Ticket Lawyer Las Vegas

A Vegas traffic ticket lawyer can get you out of trouble when you committed a DUI violation. But that should not let you be reckless with driving. DUI can affect your life and other people’s lives in terrifying ways.

The Ticket Fixer can send a bonafide lawyer to represent you in a DUI case. They help thousands of people in Las Vegas to get the minimum fines in a drunk driving case. Their traffic ticket lawyer in Vegas knows the nuts and bolts of the system so they can get you out of trouble without breaking any sweat. They are the people who can help you when you violate a traffic law. Contact them immediately.

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