Outdoor Activity Las Vegas for the Family to Get You Off the Strip

The Entertainment Capital of the world now has something new to offer outside of The Strip. The whole family can join in on the fun in a recently opened theme park. When we say theme park, it’s not the usual kind where you have your tongue colored ping with cotton candies or take pictures with giant Mickey Mouse. It’s much more exciting than that!

This outdoor activity Las Vegas brings you to a place where the sounds you hear are that of engines roaring and machines tearing through sand.

Have Fun With Giant Machines in Las Vegas

Dig This gives you the chance to operate enormous machines in this newest theme park. Upon booking a session, you can choose to drive an air-conditioned Caterpillar D5G Track-type Bulldozer and a Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavator.

When you get to the venue, you can build big mounds or push mammoth tires with the bulldozer or play bucket basketball and dig enormous holes with the excavator. You will be given a headset where you will hears shouts of guidance and encouragement from your instructor. It’s just one of the many ways Dig This makes sure you are safe and you do this new Las Vegas outdoor activity successfully.

Safe Yet Satisfying Las Vegas Family Activities

First-timers might find it uncomfortable to maneuver giant machines so they are given time to get used to it through some war up exercises guided by an instructor. After that, they are left digging, clawing, and tearing to their heart’s satisfaction.

Dig This will not let you leave without a Certificate of Completion and a photo to remind you of this amazing day with your family. What an exciting and fun way to teach kids to work hard before being rewarded, right?

Book a Unique Outdoor Activity Las Vegas Today

Dig This was born out of a new and exciting experience of Ed Mumm. The first time he operated an excavator when he was building his own home, he was having way too much fun that he forgot the time! He wanted all of us to experience the same thing so he brought Dig This in Vegas. He made sure that it safe for the whole family, even those who are only 14 years old.

No other company offers this kind of Las Vegas outdoor activities. Hurry and book a day with Dig This now!

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