What Kind of Flooring Vegas is Perfect for Your Kitchen?

Whether you are building or remodeling a kitchen, your choice of flooring Vegas should be based on your needs and taste. This is especially true if you are planning to stay in your home for a long period of time. Whatever your choice may be, use the same material all over the area to make it look more beautiful and spacious. If you are looking to boost your home’s market value, then consider the types of buyers showing interest in your property and how much you want the asking price to be.

These are the common choices for kitchen flooring as listed by Houzz. Examine the benefits you can derive from each.

Vinyl for a Quick and Affordable Face Lift

Vinyl or linoleum is probably the most affordable in this list of kitchen flooring options. It comes in different colors and designs, comfortable, and easy to install. If you want a quick and not-so-expensive choice for a kitchen face lift, choose vinyl. It can instantly make your kitchen look put-together.

Tile Flooring for a Polished Look

Ceramic and porcelain are the most common materials for this type of Vegas flooring. Remember to use only the larger ones, preferably 18-24 inches. Smaller, 12-inch square tiles are not aesthetically pleasing as they show dirty grout lines. If you want to avoid chipping, go for porcelain tiles.

Wood Flooring for a Higher Asking Price

Wood is considered the best choice for those who are renovating their kitchen prior to selling. USA Today says that home buyers are willing to pay more if the house has wood flooring. Remember to use the same material for adjacent areas to make your home look more elegant. Pick oak, pine or maple if you really want your home value to shoot up.

Stone for Underfloor Heating

Slate, marble, and granite are natural stones used for kitchen flooring in Vegas to make the area look wider than it actually is. Because they are excellent heat conductors, they are ideal for underfloor heating.

Exotic Materials for a Unique Look

Frank Lloyd Wright was famously known for his kitchen designs in the 1950s that used cork flooring. His kitchens were durable yet very comfortable and unique. Other exotic kitchen flooring materials are bamboo, palm, and porcelain.

Get Your Flooring Vegas Delivered to Your Home

One Stop 4 Flooring has the widest selection of flooring materials for your kitchen because they are the largest flooring store in Vegas. They also have an excellent service when it comes to delivery, installation, and financing options. Call them now for a free estimate.



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